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Miss Lilly

Help! Someone stole my pattern!

Let me backtrack.

Last year, I went on honeymoon and bought the Spring 05 Interweave Knits. I fell in love with the pattern called "A Good Bias." I knitted it, then stored the magazine for a while. I decided to knit it again, and started carrying the 'zine around with me. After a while, it fell apart, and I began carrying just the page with the pattern on it with me.

One day about two weeks ago, I went out to my car to go to work in the morning, and someone had thrown a landscaping brick through my window to take my purse, which he or she apparently fancied.

I've looked for the pattern everywhere, and all I can figure is that it must have been folded up in the purse when it was taken. I am about halfway through the second sleeve of the work, and I have the whole thing memorized except the three increase rows (where I am right now), and the number of repeats for the remainder of the work.

Does anyone have the 05 Interweave who would be willing to help me? I only need the graph of the second sleeve. I can photograph my WIP and my falling apart fall issue if necessary to show I'm telling the truth.

Thanks in advance. misslilly at gmail dot com.

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